I have been on Cloud 9 ALL DAY! Why, you ask? Because it’s Friday and a three day weekend!! Happy Labor Day!!! I really could not have been more ready for that final bell today!! I love weekends 🙂

     So, I have reached a breakthrough in my public school education: I no longer need to use my map. I might as well have just conquered a small European country, people. This is big stuff!! I was able to navigate my way all today without having to check my color-coded school map (yes, I coded it myself, which is saying a lot for a usually disorganized person) or my schedule. It’s pretty exciting 🙂

     First period Spanish was a breeze, as was second period geometry. We broke out the craft supplies again. I still don’t understand the importance glue has in geometry. Lunch was nice and uneventful, though I could have fallen asleep right there! I wanted nothing more all day then to go home and curl up with my blanket and a bowl of chips.

     Chemistry is already a hard class for me to concentrate in. Those stupid stools are so uncomfortable, and the super bright florescent (spelled that right on my first try! score!) lights give me a headache, even with my little nerd glasses on. But, the new factor is trying not to laugh at the two guys in my and my sister’s lab group. They’re exactly the kind of people you would imagine as being part of an honors chemistry class. During our time to work silently, they always talk to each other about the homework and it’s just hilarious. Today we all four had to work on a lab together, and they’re just like something out of a movie. But I kept it together 🙂

     Chemistry ended with a lovely amount of homework. There was a certain problem I was working on that just looked plain impossible. But after I looked at it and thought about it for a minute, I figured it out and it rather easy. After I finished it, I silently cheered to myself, but I soo badly wanted to jump up and woop my victory. I felt so smart. But again, I held it together. 🙂

      I really am loving my fourth period interning. The class of fifth graders are awesome, and the teacher is really nice. I’m always in there during their science time, and I love to listen to them doing it because I love that sort of thing. It’s so adorable how excited they are to learn about science 🙂 I got out early again, but I didn’t have to walk in the rain today, only the blazing heat.

     But I didn’t mind the sun. I was sooo glad it was Friday! I turned my iPod to Taylor Swift’s “22,” and it took everything in me not to run back to campus dancing! I do miss the “Friday dance” tradition my class had in middle school 🙂

     But yes, it is finally Friday!!!! I am sooo happy! My homework is done. I’ve got nothing to do and nowhere to be. And it couldn’t be better.

     Two weeks down.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22…” #dancebreak

Stay strong and fearless,


The Rainy Season

     It started out a typical Tuesday, with the sun pounding its 90 degree rays down onto the hot bus. But by the end, the sun had hidden behind the rain clouds who like to visit almost every evening in the summertime. I guess they wanted one more go.

     First period on B days always has me worried I’m going to get lost on the way because of what happened the first time I tried to find the classroom ( see “Started With A Security Escort…”). But I was actually able to find it on time, and be the first one in the class. Remember the 10 pages of Spanish homework I had? Turns out I thought wrong. We had time to work on it in class, but I of course had it all finished. So, I turned it in and read my book. What fun!

     Second period geometry was as good as a math class can be, I guess. I mean, it’s still pretty easy so far. After the lecture, we were working on a sheet of drawing figures following geometric instructions. I, having seen plenty like this before, finished rather quickly. The freshmen and sophomores around me were amazed. “I think I’ve found my new best friend,” one of them joked. 🙂 After finishing, I helped a few other kids with understanding the worksheet and then started my homework.

     Lunch was good. Of course, getting to eat with the world’s most awesome twin sister is way better than any day you eat by yourself (my yesterday). It passed quickly and, thankfully, uneventfully.

     Next came chemistry. I hate that class simply because the chairs are so stinking uncomfortable. They’re these awkward metal stools with small backs. So, being short, I can’t even put my legs on the ground. I keep thinking that I could just stand up and no one would notice 🙂

     Last period I had interning. I walked across the street to the elementary school and was directed to the classroom my teacher’s class was visiting. She had me run back to the office for something, and, naturally, I got lost along the way. This is typical for the girl who got lost in Washington, DC, her freshman year.

     After the kids finished their activity, it was time for them to go home, and my teacher had a meeting. So, I was alone for about 40 minutes with a few stacks of papers to grade. I listened to my iPod while I worked 🙂

     The entire time I was at the elementary school, it was raining so hard. I was just praying that it would stop before I had to walk all the way back. Once I was finished with my work, I tromped back to campus with only a light drizzle. But, without a hall pass, I couldn’t really just stand inside the school, and I was early, so I just kinda waited under a canopy and listened to some songs about rain. Thankfully I’d worn a shirt with a hood 🙂

     As soon as the final bell rang, I ran to the bus and the dryness it offered me. On the way home, I again listened to every single Taylor Swift song about rain. 🙂

     So, I’m really hoping tomorrow isn’t so rainy, considering I get to drag Earl through that weather to and from the bus stop. I’d better go. I’ve got an episode of “Twisted” to watch and a pair of Vans to dry.

 Stay strong and fearless,




Today was something alright… First of all, just letting you know I am the world’s worst guitar player in history. Granted, it is only my second time actually holding the thing, but still, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t be worse. I think the main problem is that my hands are small and and my dear Earl (my guitar) is rather large. We started doing the most basic notes in class today, and I am struggling to keep my stupid pinkie on the fretboard. But I know, I know, I’ll get better with practice and not everything’s going to come easily. Still, it was quite frustrating for nine in the morning….

Speaking of the morning, I’m pretty sure I almost fell off the bus backwards this morning when I was trying to shove Earl up that very narrow set of stairs to get in the bus. I’m terrified that one day I am just going to fall and him land right on top of me. We are almost the same size, after all.

Second period, geometry, my favorite class in the universe! (Yeah right). At least it’s pretty easy so far. I’m still allergic to math, though. We’re not friends, nor have we ever been.

Third period was English. In this class, I sit beside a football player. Last class, he was super hyper and talkative, which I thought was just because he was excited for the game that night. But, no, I found out today he must just be like that all the time. The funny part is he doesn’t talk to other students, he talks to the teacher, who is also rather easily distracted. After I answered a question right out loud, the football player entertained himself for an entire minute by singing me a victory song, along the lines of “You go girl, go shawty,” or something to that extent.

Halfway through English is lunch (yes, the dumbest schedule move ever, why not just have B lunch after third period??). I do not like A day lunch because I am without my best friend, my sister. So, like a typical A day, I sat at a table alone and unpacked my PB&J. Soon, though, a senior girl who’d been talking to one of her friends about how her other friends were mad at her sat in front of me. She asked my name and then told her friend, “See? I’m even meeting new people!” They continued to go on about her lunchtime drama for 20 minutes straight. After finishing my lunch, I went out to the commons (the main hall) and away from the awkward situation.

However, another awkward situation awaited me in the commons. I sat down on the steps to read my book for the remainder of lunch. A few minutes later, someone was sitting beside me. He scooted closer and moved away again. I glared up at him, and he left. It had been one of the same freshman boys who had on Friday decided to irritate me. His cohort then came over to me and said, “I’m sorry, my friend is stupid.” I responded without really thinking, “I can see that.” He then continued in mock concern, “Are you okay? You’re all alone.” I was like, “I’m fine; I’m reading my book.” And I walked away to find a peaceful place to read.

I think he must think I’m a freshman, too, and he probably only wants my attention. Naturally, the only time people really notice me me is when very immature freshman think I’m one of their own kind. It was very very irritating in the moment, but as I walked away I laughed to myself. It felt like the whole “my life is a bad made-for-TV-movie” thing all over again. It sure didn’t help my hunch that everyone thinks I’m a freshman, though.

Do you remember Quinn from “Zoey 101”? I think that’s what I look like with my glasses. She looked younger than the rest of them, because she was short, too. She was also awkward and individualistic. So many times today I thought I am Quinn. Well, she was also the smart one of the bunch, so maybe a comparison isn’t all that bad 🙂

In last period, World Music, we FINALLY didn’t listen to Michael Jackson!!! We actually cracked open the book and went over the first chapter. But for the last half hour of class we did nothing. So, I did my reading for English ( The Scarlet Letter, which I have already read and disliked). Finally, the bell rang, I grabbed Earl from the closet, and I dragged my stuff out to the bus. I was very pleased to find that the bus ride is the perfect length to listen to the entire Heffron Drive EP 🙂

So tonight I have homework, of course. Wish me luck as I embark on a journey into the worlds of my two least favorite subjects!! At least it can only go up from here, and if all else fails, tomorrow is a brand new day full of awkwardness and new adventures!

Stay strong and fearless,



     I certainly did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. It’s Monday, after all. But today certainly went smoother than all of last week combined!! I am glad  to be home though!

     I actually made it to Spanish on time this morning. I was sooo relieved. We started actual work today. We’re “reviewing” from Spanish 1. However, for me it is more like “relearning”! I barely speak a word of Spanish. I had the class freshman year, and even then I was pretty bad at it. I have about ten pages of homework. Google translate shall be my new best friend 🙂

     I only consulted my map once today, on the way to geometry. Yes, we did more gluing today, but it’ actually because those goofy composition books are supposed to be “interactive notebooks.” Okay…

     Lunch was my favorite part of the day because I had crunchy peanut butter on my sandwich. I love crunchy peanut butter. Finding we have it in the cabinet is like hearing “I love you” without words.

     Chemistry was something else today. We had a test and then did an “experiment” about paper airplanes and the scientific method. My plane, of course, flew behind the shelves repeatedly.

     Last period interning was pretty nice. I’m really liking working in the fifth grade class. I like that they’re not little-little but still young. I’m generally not very good with kids 🙂

     I’m so glad Monday only comes once a week!! It can only go up from here, right? And now, nine more pages of Spanish homework await me!

Stay strong and fearless,


People Are People

     Today I learned that people are… people. Some are nice, some are mean. Some are genuine, some are fake. Some are amazing, and some are just kind of ridiculous. But then, in high school, is anyone not just a little bit ridiculous sometimes? I get it; you want to fit in and have fun and have friends. But. please, never forget that there is always a price for the way you treat people. This is definitely where the Golden Rule comes into play- treat others the way you want to be treated. Go out of your way to be nice to everyone, even if they’re not nice to you.

     I met some very commendable people today, namely, the two dudes who helped me in tuning my guitar (which, I did NOT get stuck on the bus this morning!) and a very chatty chick in World Music. Then there are people who aren’t so nice. But you have to make an effort to seek out the people who are good and don’t give the others the time of day. They’re not worth it.

     This whole being around a lot of people all the time thing is so new to me. I’ve never been in a place with more than a hundred other people for this long in, well, ever. The closest I’ve come is the Metro station in DC or the one time I waited in a meet-and-greet line for four hours in the sun to meet half of Big Time Rush (which, I would do again in a heart beat 🙂 ). I keep comparing it to Grand Central Station. All the people rushing in a dozen different directions… Yes, I’m still using my map to navigate.

     I’ve realized this week that people are so different from me than I imagined. It’s easy to go through life believing everyone has your same mindset and values, but it’s a far cry from the truth. It all goes back to the whole “in this world and not of it” thing, which is one of my favorite biblical phrases. We have to be the light for God in this world, and hopefully, I can find others who want the same things.

     Today has one victory: I got Earl on and off the bus without injuring either him or myself. 🙂 Oh, and yes, we did more gluing in geometry today. My English teacher still goes off on his tangents all the time. It’s quite entertaining 🙂 And one last thing, guess what we do in World Music so far? Listen to Michael Jackson. That is literally IT!

     The words have never rung more true: TGIF!

And we get to do it all over again next week. Maybe we can talk about my homework load tomorrow 🙂

Stay strong and fearless, Warrior,


Like A Movie

     Have you ever ridden the Jungle Safari Bus at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom? I did this summer, and that is what I would compare the bus ride home to. There are lots of sharp turns and dirt roads. And mud! All that’s missing is a few elephants 🙂

     This whole experience of going to a new school and everything kind of feels like a movie to me. Maybe it’s because being in a big school with a bunch of people is something I’ve only seen in movies before. I know it’s normal to most people, and by the end of the year, it will feel like old hat. But for now, it’s hard to believe this is my life. It’s so different that it’s crazy.

     I almost feel like I’m playing a character, too. I sure think I must look like one, always carrying around my colorful coded map and looking freaked out by the bell. You see, I wear my glasses to school (just got them last year), and so it doesn’t feel like myself because I’m not used to them. The guitar, too, doesn’t quite feel like me yet. Actually, it feels like carrying around another me!

     Maybe it also feels like a movie to me because I expected it to play out like one. Or even to be like a television show. I’ve been told I should try to make the most of high school and go for the whole “Saved By the Bell” experience. I want that, but  I’ve had to realize movies about this sort of thing are pretty far-fetched from reality. But hopefully, I’ll find “happily ever after” soon enough 🙂

     Today was probably the best day I’ve had so far at school. I have started to kind of make friends with some girls in my Spanish class first period. Then, I got to be with my sister for geometry, lunch, and chemistry. And then last period was “interning,” which is basically like TA for any other school. I was assigned to a fifth grade class at the elementary school across the street. It was a kid’s birthday and so…


     Totally made my day! 🙂 That, and I carried my RED Taylor Swift bag as a backpack. It’s a lot less heavy than my other backpack was! It’s good to keep it light, because we don’t get lockers “for security reasons.” I’ll let you fill in the blanks there…

     So, all in all, pretty good day. Things are looking up in KristenWorld, and surely it can only get better from here. And, best of all, tomorrow is Friday!!



Stay strong and fearless,


My New Friend

     “I’ve been a lot of lonely places, I’ve never been on the outside.”

                -“The Outside” by Taylor Swift



     That quote played in my head today. Being in a new school, you don’t have many friends at first. This realization hit me yesterday. You don’t just walk in and automatically have new best friends the very first few days. It takes time. It’s hard, but it takes time. I think I’m going to check out some clubs when sign-ups start in a few weeks.

     But, I do have one new friend! We rode the bus together and had first period together. His name is Earl. Earl is my guitar 🙂 This was the first day he came to school with me. I got to carry him a block to the bus stop and onto the bus. We only got stuck coming off the bus, stalling everyone else. He’s very heavy. I had to then take him all the way across campus through like three buildings to get to the classroom. In class, we really only learned how to hold the guitar, and the rest was just kind of… awkwardly quiet. But I think it will get better. I’ll learn how to actually play soon, and then I’ll have a real hobby!!

     After guitar was geometry. I finally got the whole A day lunch thing sorted out- I don’t leave halfway through geometry and miss my study hall, but I have English right after. Then halfway through English is lunch. We didn’t do any more gluing today in geometry, but we’re learning how to draw these things called nets. It seems pretty easy to me, considering it’s the kind of thing I tried to draw as a kid so I could make paper boxes ( don’t ask me why, but I found it fascinating).

     English is probably the most… interesting class. When I first met the teacher during open house, I expected he would be like Mr. Feeny from “Boy Meets World,” my all-time favorite ’90’s show. However, he turned out to be more like a young man in an old man’s body. He loves puns. Today he also made blonde jokes and Chuck Norris jokes. He also loves youtube videos (he said today, “I love youtube. It lectures for me so I don’t have to work.). But before we watched the William Bradford videos, he showed the Geico commercial about the camel on “hump day.” He promised we’d see it probably every Wednesday 🙂

      By last period, I was so ready to go home. At the end, when I was getting Earl out of the band room closet, the teacher almost shut the door on me accidentally. After school, I got to lug Earl and my heavy backpack (which has my very thick geometry book in it today) back onto the bus in the rain and then the block home. It was an adventure… I’m currently sitting with my piggy massage pillow behind my back 🙂

      There will be good days, and there will be bad days. But in the end, looking back, I’ll remember the good more. Hopefully I’ll find everything I’m looking for soon enough. For now, one day at a time…

Stay strong and fearless,


Started With A Security Escort…

Today’s schedule was vastly different from yesterday’s. There was no lunch mix-up this time, but I did face my greatest fear: being terribly lost and terribly late.

I rode the bus as is usual for many students, but it still feels like an adventure to me. I had no idea my little town had so many back roads until I rode that big thing down ALL of them! Every morning and afternoon, I just hope and pray we don’t get stuck in the mud or lost between the orange groves.

The bus, of course, got to the school on time. I chilled in the commons for a few minutes before the bell rang, signalling us to head to first period. Mine is Spanish 2. Mind you, I don’t speak Spanish very well. I had it my freshman year, but it’s been two years now and I’ve forgotten nearly everything. One of my biggest worries about this new school year has been this class. I’m just not good with languages.

So, I headed down what I thought was the right hall, but, of course, was sending me down the completely opposite end of the building. I turned around and went back to the main hall, where I asked another student for directions. However, “Go down there and then turn this way, I think,” aren’t really very clear to someone who barely knows where the restrooms are. I headed down the right hall but went past where I was supposed to turn. Thankfully, the freshman counselor was patrolling the halls for lost freshmen, and she pointed me in the right direction of the Spanish classroom, complete with descriptions of where to turn and the names of the hallways. Since she had an actual freshman who needed help, she flagged down a nearby deputy to help me get to the classroom. So, I walked down the long hallway with my security escort, who showed me the right way and then had to unlock the classroom so I could get in! Of course, I was super late, but they were only doing seating assignments!

The rest of the class was alright. Our first activity was to answer three questions the teacher had on the board about what we do at school. The initial response that popped into my head was “get lost.” So, I wrote:

      What do you do in school?

I try my best to keep good grades and not get lost.

How do you do what you do?

     I study, pay attention in class, and consult my school map quite often.

Why do you do what you do?

I want to have a bright and prosperous future,and I do not want to miss out on learning by being late to class.

And no, I did not share my answers out loud.

Lastly, we played one of my favorite games, “Two Truths And A Lie” (what can i say? I’m a dork. I love games 🙂 ). For my two truths and a lie, I said “I have an identical twin sister,” “I want a miniature potbellied pig,” and “I like guacomole.” The lie, was , of course, guacomole. I can’t even spell it; I think it tastes like soap. But, when it came time to guess, the entire class in unison chorused “twin!” When I told them the right answer, the typical “that’s so cool!” and “I wish I had a twin!” or “If I had a twin, I don’t think I’d like it” echoed around the room. As an identical twin, I have grown used to the funny reactions from people, from new acquaintances to old men in the grocery store.There are typical questions everyone asks, and it’s fun come up with sarcastic answers you could possibly give them.

After my eventful first period was geometry. This time, I was not supposed to leave halfway through for another half class. I stayed the whole period and was in the right place the whole time. But let me tell you about my teacher’s infatuation with gluing things. On the first day, we had to cut an paste to create folders inside our composition books and glue several little things inside. Then today, and probably every chapter, we had vocabulary to glue inside the same books. Is there something wrong with writing things down? I’m just afraid the glued cardstock papers  are going to fall out, and I’m also more a fan of tape. 🙂

After lunch was uneventful chemistry and an interning meeting. Thursday, I’ll find out which elementary school teacher I’ll be helping last period some days! All in all, today was much better than yesterday was, and I’m kind of excited for tomorrow. Kind of…

Tomorrow brings with it new challenges to face head-on. The best thing is that I know I’m not alone. I have God with me, and He even goes before me. And no matter what happens, there’s always tomorrow. Hopefully, tomorrow means no more being late to every class!

Stay strong and fearless,



The Day I Had Two Lunches

     So, today was the first day of my junior year and my first day of starting public high school. I’ve been going to private school since the third grade, and my family moved last year. So, this year, my twin sister and I decided to try something different. Little did we know just what we were getting into….

     I rode the bus for the first time. I felt like a warrior going into battle. I was strong and fearless and nothing could stop me from having the best day of my life! We had started out the morning right by praying out loud at the bus stop. Surely, this “big yellow limousine,” as I called it in reference to a “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” quote, was taking me to my next greatest adventure! I was ready for anything!

     The first two periods went rather well. I started out with guitar, something I’ve been wanting to learn for years. You can imagine how excited I am that our “homework” assignment is to research the guitarist from one of our favorite songs. Naturally, I knew instantly who I was going to pick (Dustin Belt of Heffron Drive, if you wanted to know).

     Then came geometry. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that any kind of mathematics and I are sworn enemies. I do fine in the class, I just don’t particularly enjoy it. The class is supposed to have 45 instructional minutes and 25 study hall minutes. There’s a random bell that rings halfway through. So, geometry went alright, and my sister and I headed to our lunch period.

     As I sat trying to eat my lunch at 11:00 AM, I thought, “This is too early! I’m not hungry. I wish my lunch could be later!” I should have kept my big mouth shut, because I got my wish. After lunch I headed to English class. I got lost along the way and had to retrace, making me what I thought was only a few minutes late. I caught up quickly and paid attention.

     But then the bell rang 15 minutes later. I was so confused… I headed out to the main area, where I ran into the junior class’s counselor, and she helped me understand my wacky schedule. Turns out, that random bell that rang halfway through geometry was the bell signaling for people like me to get to English class! I had missed half of English at the first lunch, and the second half was after the second lunch. Does that make as little sense as it makes to me????

     So after my second lunch (where I finished the lunch I was not hungry enough to eat at 11), I went back to English class and was NOT late this time because I went early and waited outside the right classroom (err, actually I was a few doors too far down).

     The class went on fine, and last period (World Music)  was the most normal part of my day, except for a new favorite quote I have from my teacher. This class is in the band room, which has a huge carpeted area that stains easily. This is a pet peeve of the custodians, due to a long three-year-old Gatorade stain through one side of the room. The teacher told us,” You are not allowed to have any food or drinks in the carpeted area except water, and candy. I like candy. Bring enough to share.”

     The bus ride home was blessedly uneventful.

     So, there you have it- the day I had two lunches. Hopefully it won’t happen again tomorrow, because the B-Day schedule is entirely different (except geometry is in the same period- wish me luck with that halfway bell!).

     Living the events of this day was pretty overwhelming, but looking back, it’s rather funny. I know God goes before me, and He’s writing a story, and it’s going to be beautiful. I’m meeting the real world, one very crazy day at a time. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stay strong and fearless,