Started With A Security Escort…

Today’s schedule was vastly different from yesterday’s. There was no lunch mix-up this time, but I did face my greatest fear: being terribly lost and terribly late.

I rode the bus as is usual for many students, but it still feels like an adventure to me. I had no idea my little town had so many back roads until I rode that big thing down ALL of them! Every morning and afternoon, I just hope and pray we don’t get stuck in the mud or lost between the orange groves.

The bus, of course, got to the school on time. I chilled in the commons for a few minutes before the bell rang, signalling us to head to first period. Mine is Spanish 2. Mind you, I don’t speak Spanish very well. I had it my freshman year, but it’s been two years now and I’ve forgotten nearly everything. One of my biggest worries about this new school year has been this class. I’m just not good with languages.

So, I headed down what I thought was the right hall, but, of course, was sending me down the completely opposite end of the building. I turned around and went back to the main hall, where I asked another student for directions. However, “Go down there and then turn this way, I think,” aren’t really very clear to someone who barely knows where the restrooms are. I headed down the right hall but went past where I was supposed to turn. Thankfully, the freshman counselor was patrolling the halls for lost freshmen, and she pointed me in the right direction of the Spanish classroom, complete with descriptions of where to turn and the names of the hallways. Since she had an actual freshman who needed help, she flagged down a nearby deputy to help me get to the classroom. So, I walked down the long hallway with my security escort, who showed me the right way and then had to unlock the classroom so I could get in! Of course, I was super late, but they were only doing seating assignments!

The rest of the class was alright. Our first activity was to answer three questions the teacher had on the board about what we do at school. The initial response that popped into my head was “get lost.” So, I wrote:

      What do you do in school?

I try my best to keep good grades and not get lost.

How do you do what you do?

     I study, pay attention in class, and consult my school map quite often.

Why do you do what you do?

I want to have a bright and prosperous future,and I do not want to miss out on learning by being late to class.

And no, I did not share my answers out loud.

Lastly, we played one of my favorite games, “Two Truths And A Lie” (what can i say? I’m a dork. I love games 🙂 ). For my two truths and a lie, I said “I have an identical twin sister,” “I want a miniature potbellied pig,” and “I like guacomole.” The lie, was , of course, guacomole. I can’t even spell it; I think it tastes like soap. But, when it came time to guess, the entire class in unison chorused “twin!” When I told them the right answer, the typical “that’s so cool!” and “I wish I had a twin!” or “If I had a twin, I don’t think I’d like it” echoed around the room. As an identical twin, I have grown used to the funny reactions from people, from new acquaintances to old men in the grocery store.There are typical questions everyone asks, and it’s fun come up with sarcastic answers you could possibly give them.

After my eventful first period was geometry. This time, I was not supposed to leave halfway through for another half class. I stayed the whole period and was in the right place the whole time. But let me tell you about my teacher’s infatuation with gluing things. On the first day, we had to cut an paste to create folders inside our composition books and glue several little things inside. Then today, and probably every chapter, we had vocabulary to glue inside the same books. Is there something wrong with writing things down? I’m just afraid the glued cardstock papers  are going to fall out, and I’m also more a fan of tape. 🙂

After lunch was uneventful chemistry and an interning meeting. Thursday, I’ll find out which elementary school teacher I’ll be helping last period some days! All in all, today was much better than yesterday was, and I’m kind of excited for tomorrow. Kind of…

Tomorrow brings with it new challenges to face head-on. The best thing is that I know I’m not alone. I have God with me, and He even goes before me. And no matter what happens, there’s always tomorrow. Hopefully, tomorrow means no more being late to every class!

Stay strong and fearless,



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