People Are People

     Today I learned that people are… people. Some are nice, some are mean. Some are genuine, some are fake. Some are amazing, and some are just kind of ridiculous. But then, in high school, is anyone not just a little bit ridiculous sometimes? I get it; you want to fit in and have fun and have friends. But. please, never forget that there is always a price for the way you treat people. This is definitely where the Golden Rule comes into play- treat others the way you want to be treated. Go out of your way to be nice to everyone, even if they’re not nice to you.

     I met some very commendable people today, namely, the two dudes who helped me in tuning my guitar (which, I did NOT get stuck on the bus this morning!) and a very chatty chick in World Music. Then there are people who aren’t so nice. But you have to make an effort to seek out the people who are good and don’t give the others the time of day. They’re not worth it.

     This whole being around a lot of people all the time thing is so new to me. I’ve never been in a place with more than a hundred other people for this long in, well, ever. The closest I’ve come is the Metro station in DC or the one time I waited in a meet-and-greet line for four hours in the sun to meet half of Big Time Rush (which, I would do again in a heart beat 🙂 ). I keep comparing it to Grand Central Station. All the people rushing in a dozen different directions… Yes, I’m still using my map to navigate.

     I’ve realized this week that people are so different from me than I imagined. It’s easy to go through life believing everyone has your same mindset and values, but it’s a far cry from the truth. It all goes back to the whole “in this world and not of it” thing, which is one of my favorite biblical phrases. We have to be the light for God in this world, and hopefully, I can find others who want the same things.

     Today has one victory: I got Earl on and off the bus without injuring either him or myself. 🙂 Oh, and yes, we did more gluing in geometry today. My English teacher still goes off on his tangents all the time. It’s quite entertaining 🙂 And one last thing, guess what we do in World Music so far? Listen to Michael Jackson. That is literally IT!

     The words have never rung more true: TGIF!

And we get to do it all over again next week. Maybe we can talk about my homework load tomorrow 🙂

Stay strong and fearless, Warrior,


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