I certainly did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. It’s Monday, after all. But today certainly went smoother than all of last week combined!! I am glad  to be home though!

     I actually made it to Spanish on time this morning. I was sooo relieved. We started actual work today. We’re “reviewing” from Spanish 1. However, for me it is more like “relearning”! I barely speak a word of Spanish. I had the class freshman year, and even then I was pretty bad at it. I have about ten pages of homework. Google translate shall be my new best friend 🙂

     I only consulted my map once today, on the way to geometry. Yes, we did more gluing today, but it’ actually because those goofy composition books are supposed to be “interactive notebooks.” Okay…

     Lunch was my favorite part of the day because I had crunchy peanut butter on my sandwich. I love crunchy peanut butter. Finding we have it in the cabinet is like hearing “I love you” without words.

     Chemistry was something else today. We had a test and then did an “experiment” about paper airplanes and the scientific method. My plane, of course, flew behind the shelves repeatedly.

     Last period interning was pretty nice. I’m really liking working in the fifth grade class. I like that they’re not little-little but still young. I’m generally not very good with kids 🙂

     I’m so glad Monday only comes once a week!! It can only go up from here, right? And now, nine more pages of Spanish homework await me!

Stay strong and fearless,


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