I have been on Cloud 9 ALL DAY! Why, you ask? Because it’s Friday and a three day weekend!! Happy Labor Day!!! I really could not have been more ready for that final bell today!! I love weekends 🙂

     So, I have reached a breakthrough in my public school education: I no longer need to use my map. I might as well have just conquered a small European country, people. This is big stuff!! I was able to navigate my way all today without having to check my color-coded school map (yes, I coded it myself, which is saying a lot for a usually disorganized person) or my schedule. It’s pretty exciting 🙂

     First period Spanish was a breeze, as was second period geometry. We broke out the craft supplies again. I still don’t understand the importance glue has in geometry. Lunch was nice and uneventful, though I could have fallen asleep right there! I wanted nothing more all day then to go home and curl up with my blanket and a bowl of chips.

     Chemistry is already a hard class for me to concentrate in. Those stupid stools are so uncomfortable, and the super bright florescent (spelled that right on my first try! score!) lights give me a headache, even with my little nerd glasses on. But, the new factor is trying not to laugh at the two guys in my and my sister’s lab group. They’re exactly the kind of people you would imagine as being part of an honors chemistry class. During our time to work silently, they always talk to each other about the homework and it’s just hilarious. Today we all four had to work on a lab together, and they’re just like something out of a movie. But I kept it together 🙂

     Chemistry ended with a lovely amount of homework. There was a certain problem I was working on that just looked plain impossible. But after I looked at it and thought about it for a minute, I figured it out and it rather easy. After I finished it, I silently cheered to myself, but I soo badly wanted to jump up and woop my victory. I felt so smart. But again, I held it together. 🙂

      I really am loving my fourth period interning. The class of fifth graders are awesome, and the teacher is really nice. I’m always in there during their science time, and I love to listen to them doing it because I love that sort of thing. It’s so adorable how excited they are to learn about science 🙂 I got out early again, but I didn’t have to walk in the rain today, only the blazing heat.

     But I didn’t mind the sun. I was sooo glad it was Friday! I turned my iPod to Taylor Swift’s “22,” and it took everything in me not to run back to campus dancing! I do miss the “Friday dance” tradition my class had in middle school 🙂

     But yes, it is finally Friday!!!! I am sooo happy! My homework is done. I’ve got nothing to do and nowhere to be. And it couldn’t be better.

     Two weeks down.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22…” #dancebreak

Stay strong and fearless,


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