All Over Again

     Phew… What  a crazy, crazy week last week was! Now, it’s Monday morning, and time to do it all over again…

     Last week was Homecoming Week, like Spirit Week, but without the crazy games and competitions I experienced during private school Spirit Weeks. Ah, memories… Anyways, it was a week of dress-up days leading up to the Homecoming Game on Friday. Monday was Camo Day, and Tuesday was Sports Day. Wednesday, students wore pink and faculty wore black. I spent the day wondering how many people actually caught the reference to the quote from the movie “Mean Girls”: “On Wednesdays, we wear pink!”

     Thursday was Hippie Day. My sister had researched hippies online to make sure our costumes looked “authentic”. We had tie dye shirts and vests and leather jewelry and head wraps… The whole nine yards. Not too many people dressed up for Hippie Day, but it was still fun!! During our wait at the bus stop, I listened to Big Time Rush’s covers of several Beatles songs (recorded for a movie) with my iPod to get me in a ’60s mood.

     Friday was Spirit Day. I, unfortunately, own no dragons gear. So, I wore green, one of the school colors. The only green shirt I have is an old camp tshirt. I’ve sure got school spirit!

     Friday was probably the craziest day in a while! First period, I dragged stupid Earl (my guitar, not a person!) all the way to the band room at the end of the school, only to be told we didn’t need our guitars that day and to be handed a hall pass directing me to the computer lab on the opposite end of school (classic). I groaned, knowing instantly it was for a stupid computer practice test again. I went and got it over with. We did nothing the rest of the period. Second period was the Homecoming Parade! My personal favorite float depicted a dragon (our mascot) making an eagle (the team we played against) into KFC. There were also floats depicted an eagle roast and eagle noodle soup. 🙂

     The pep rally was last period. It was nuts! Each grade level had a class skit. Two of four involved guys dressed as girls and twerking (in case you don’t know what that means, it’s a very stupid kind of dancing). In three of four of the periods I was in Friday, people twerked, often for no reason. I just find it very strange and… awkward.

     But Friday ended on a high note when we fried the eagles and won our Homecoming Game! It was awesome, considering we rarely win and only scored twice (our school’s better at swimming and soccer!). It was definitely a game worth going to!

     Yet Friday was nothing compared to Wednesday. Afterschool, our church was starting up a youth Bible study. They were sending the bus to pick up kids from the Christian middle school downtown and from the middle and high school in the middle school parking lot. My sister and I had no idea where that was, so we kept following people we were sure were headed there. We ended up somewhere in the middle of town. We planned to go to the Christian school to see if we could still catch the bus. Thankfully, we saw the bus and were able to flag it down. They’d been looking for us 🙂

     We made it to Bible study in one picee. I was exhausted, considering I’d lugged Earl halfway through town! Hopefully, we can make it to the right place this week!

     I’m about to do the crazy week thing all over again. This time it isn’t Homecoming Week, but it promises to be a super busy week! My family and I are trying out karate classes this week, and we have a 4H meeting tomorrow, and Bible study tonight and Wednesday…. And a geometry test today and two English tests and a guitar test tomorrow… Maybe I can breathe on Friday!

     Well, here’s to Monday! Wish me luck as I do this crazy thing called the school week all over again!

Stay strong and fearless,



Writing This With the Freetime I Found Last Period…

I am sitting in the library currently (or as we call it, the “media center”). Why? Simply because  my standardized test tutoring (that I don’t really need) ended early, and to got to the elementary school for a mere fifteen minutes would be a waste. Also, it is raining outside (typical!), so I needed somewhere on campus to be. A nerd’s solution to every problem- the library! 🙂 I went ahead and finished my homework, and thankfully the school hasn’t blocked access to wordpress. So, here I am a-blogging!

Hello? How are you? I am rather bored. The most interesting thing currently is Homecoming Week. Monday was ‘camoflauge day.’ I, however, was unable to participate in the dressup, because I own no camo, which is pretty sad for someone who grew up in the Appalachians. Lots of other people participated, though, and some of their get-up has been pretty wacky! I saw everything from camo Crocs to camo dresses to camo overalls. Today was ‘sports day.’ Just like I did for college colors day, I borrowed my mom’s Marshall football shirt (and again, my geometry teacher wore her WVU shirt-yikes!).

There are no games for Homecoming Week like there were during private school Spirit Week. Of course, that was a full-on crazy competition…. Ahh, memories. We are collecting food for a local food bank, though, and elections are being held for Homecoming Royalty. There’s even a category for teachers. Last night was Thunder Night and the powderpuff game. I didn’t go because I had Bible study, but I heard that the dodgeball game (replaced the girls playing football because of the rain) was awesome and the guys were absolutely hilarious as cheerleaders. I”l have to look it up on Youtube later 🙂

Another difference between private and public schools I was made aware of this week is the the fact that we don’t have to bring back our progress reports or report cards. In private school, they required us to get them signed by our parents and return them. My teacher’s response when I tried to turn mine in was something to the extent of, “You’re used to private school. You don’t have to bring them back here. By this age, it’s not our responsibility if you lie to your parents.” I found this non-requirement almost shocking…

Oh, our regular bus driver is back, so no more fear of being kidnapped! And also on the bright side, I have no homework tonight! YES!!!  Also of minor interest- my church is starting an afterschool Wednesday Bible study tomorrow, so I get to drag Earl (my guitar) and his big, heavy case all the way down to the middle school and onto the church bus and into the youth house and then into my mom’s car…. By this time next year, I will be a master of manuvering large and cumbersome objects through tight spaces.Yes, because that’s a handy skill that everyone should have…

So while I was sitting here typing away, a class came into the media center to use the computers. I had already made the mistake of sitting in the back row. A rowdy, rambunctious group of guys came barreling my way, roughhousing. One’s elbow collided with my shoulder. It was not very pleasant.  He didn’t even notice an innocent bystander had been hit. 😛 Oh well. I’m okay.

So, yep, bored. I could probably do something more useful with this time…. Nah. Blogging is way more fun 🙂

Hopefully I can finish publishing this post without further injury!

Stay strong and fearless,


Reflections On A Testing Week

This week has tested me. And I do mean that quite literally. It began with the Algebra EOC. It also threw me several English tests, a guitar test, and a chemistry test. And Friday surprised me with one more…

     I was sitting in Spanish class, about to use the last few minutes to study for the chemistry test when the office paged the teacher, requesting that “Christian” be sent to the office. We concluded that it had been a mispronunciation of my name, and I was sent to the front office. Fear gripped my heart as I walked. Why was a I, a well-behaved honor student, being sent to the office? It had never before happened in my life! Once I got in the office, I was sent to another room with two other students. A faculty member soon came in and gave us the news that we would be taking a certain standardized test in two weeks. Apparently, everyone in this state’s public school system takes this test sophomore year. I, however, spent my sophomore year in private school. If you didn’t pass the test in 10th grade, you can take it again junior year and senior year, and after that you keep taking it until you pass. It’s required for graduation.  I’ll be required to take the test because I did not take it in tenth grade. So, we were then told that we would be required to attend tutoring classes for this test last period on B days for the next two weeks. I groaned inwardly. Last period, interning, is one of my favorite classes. The woman then dismissed us but showed me where the classroom I’d be tutored in was located. I went out on a limb and asked if there was any way I could just take the test without the tutoring. It’s a reading comprehension test, which, again, honor student, I could pass it easily. I’m rather good at reading. But, no, the school required these small-group tutoring classes, so my fate  was already sealed. 😛

     When last period came, I went to the classroom. It was empty except for the tutor. He reminded me that I needed to check in with my teacher I’d have that period before I came. So, I went back and signed in for interning. but the teacher in charge wasn’t in her office. Deciding signing in was good enough, I found my way back to the room, which was now full with the four other members in my small group.

     I took my seat, read my papers, and did my practice questions. Simple. We waited for everyone else to be finished (We waited quite a while, mostly because one guy decided he needed a restroom break and probably got lost coming back). We went over the questions. I got every single one of them right. Why, I asked myself, did I need to even be here? 

     We were finished about half an hour before school let out, so the tutor sent us back to class. I, of course, did not have a class to go back to. Again not being able to find the teacher in her office, I did what I generally do when I get back from interning at that time. I sat outside with my iPod and a snack. It was nice, actually. At one point, a faculty member walked by and asked me who’s class I was in. I told him I’d gotten back from interning, and he went on his way. 

     I had another run-in with fear this week. I once read a book about kids who got kidnapped by a substitute bus driver (who wasn’t actually a real bus driver). I had thought to myself earlier in the week, “I hope that never happens to me. I hope I never have a substitute bus driver.” But low and behold, when I walked out to the bus Thursday after school, we had a sub. I triple-checked to make sure I was on the right bus before I warily made my way on board. I tried to shove the book from the back of my mind, but all I could really do was hope and pray. I also wanted to laugh at myself. Real life isn’t like movies or books, Kristen! 

     Quite obviously, everything was fine. I’m good, really. I’ve just got a couple (thousand!) more tests to study for this weekend. Well, I should’ve been doing that yesterday and today, but I am so easily distracted! 🙂 Somebody says the words “Big Time Rush” and whatever I was doing is suddenly forgotten…

     Whatever tests you encounter in life, take it in stride and look at the bright side: you are not being kidnapped by a bus driver. 🙂

Stay strong and fearless,


Rain Rain Rain

Rain…. that’s the only word to describe the past week of my life! That’s why my internet hasn’t been working all week. That’s why I’ve come home soaking wet every day. That’s why my poor, poor Vans are always so wet and why my geometry workbook is still damp. That’s why I’m so glad I have waterproof mascara.

Monday was the most “Monday” Monday possible. It started with that crazy Algebra 1 EOC I had to take for no other reason then a law (I didn’t have the EOC the state law requires at the school where I took Algebra 1). Everyone knows just how much I love math, too. I mean, it’s, like, my very best friend. Who doesn’t love an algebra test first thing in the morning?

The rest of that day was alright until last period when I was supposed to walk to the elementary school across the street for interning. Of course, it was raining cats and dogs!! Kristen apparently didn’t get the memo that if it’s pouring the rain like that, we don’t have to walk over there. So, I arrived soaking wet. The kids in the class I work in laughed at me 🙂 One asked me if I would run through the rain again for a million dollars.

Yesterday it starting raining the very second I walked in the door of my house! That was a close one!! But, that day had been MUCH better than Monday, considering I passed my guitar proficiency test!! I’d been soo worried about it. As we were waiting for our turns to play for the teacher, my friends and I were helping each other with the progression we were being tested on. When my turn came, they called out, “Remember, have confidence!” So I sat down with my guitar in front of the teacher and said, “Let’s do this!” He laughed, and then I started. And I aced it 🙂

Today was our monthly early release day (for teacher work day). First and second periods we hardly did anything. Then for third period chemistry, we tie-dyed shirts. Mine is, of course, pink and purple! It took everything in me not to laugh while listening to our lab partners determine how to make one’s shirt look like a color wheel. That was after I accidentally blasted our entire group with water when I turned on the sink to wet my shirt. “Grace” is practically my middle name!

I had interning last period today. All was well as I walked over in the dry, hot air. But as soon as it was time to leave, the clouds let their entire store of rain go at once! My teacher gave me some garbage bags to use as a poncho. Once I had walked back over to the high school in the rain, it stopped. Typical.

Right now I am so glad to be home, dry, and getting caught up on social networking! Hopefully no storms tomorrow when I have to carry my guitar for a block!

Stay strong and fearless,


Come In With the Rain

     I ran the block home from the bus stop in the rain, singing songs about rain. Now, you must understand, the rain here isn’t like rain anywhere else in the world. It storms out of the blue for 20 minutes, and then it’s sunny again. But of course, the mini-storms are always when you need to be outside. So, soaking wet, I was finally home, and very glad of it. 🙂

     I decided to spend my rainy afternoon baking cookies. Not just any cookies, but white chocolate chip macademia nut cookies, my absolute favorite food in almost all the world. I was very excited to discover we had some ready to bake dough in the fridge!! The storm finally stopped, but it still feels like a nice “lazy afternoon” kind of day. I’ll probably do one of my favorite things to do- curl up with a mug of hot green tea and my favorite blanket. Hey, maybe I’ll even remember to study for my two tests tomorrow 😉

     Today was an average Thursday but with an added frustration. I headed to third period chemistry just absolutely dreading my least favorite class. But, today, we were going to do a fun lab with M&M’s! But of course, this was the time they decided to call me in for my Algebra 1 EOC practice test. You see,  I took Algebra 1 at a school in a different state, and we just didn’t have this special end-of-course exam there. But according to the laws of this state, you have to take that test. So two years late, my sister and I get to make it up (first thing Monday morning. yay…). Anyways, the “practice test” was basically making sure we knew how to work a computer, which, quite obviously, I do.

     Once we finally got back to class, my sister and I caught up on the activity we were doing with the help of our lab partners. I believe I’ve mentioned them before… (They remind me of exactly the kind of people you’d expect in an honors chemistry class in a movie, making it a bit difficult to concentrate and not laugh sometimes 🙂 ). After we finished the activity, my sister and I sat and talked, much like the rest of the class was doing, except our lab partners. The two of them had a deck of cards and were playing a game that took up half the table. It took everything in me not to laugh. 🙂

     I am so glad to be home. I have little homework (none other than studying), and this wonderful thing called a weekend ahead of me. Just one more day! Hopefully it won’t storm tomorrow when I have to carry Earl, too!

Stay strong and fearless,


Misadventures in Irresponsibility

     This weekend was Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family. I have been into this sort of thing since I read the books last winter. So, naturally, I spent my weekend watching Harry Potter movies, balancing that time with reading the new book I got. This, my friends, is how the dorks of this world procrastinate.

     So, 7:30 last night, I finally decided to start studying for the two tests I had today. Then I went to bed and fell asleep quickly. I had a nightmare about English class where I got in trouble for knocking out all the lights by popping a balloon. I bolted upright in bed and remembered the vocabulary assignment I had forgotten to do. So, at 4:30 AM, I was using to finish my homework. I was just thanking God I had remembered!! 🙂

     Two hours later, I got to wake up to the sound of Big Time Rush screaming “GET UP! GET UP! GET GET GET UP!!” (yes, they do have a song that starts like that 🙂 ), thanks to the alarm my sister had set. I much preferred it to the usual screech of the other alarm, but it still didn’t keep me from muttering, “Shut up, Logan,” in reference to the loudest member of the band on that part of the song (also happens to be my least favorite member).

     I pulled it together enough to get myself and Earl the guitar onto the bus in one piece. In guitar class, we are actually starting to learn things because our teacher is back.  I am, naturally, still the world’s worst guitar player. I barely had the D chord down before we started playing the entire progression as a class. But at least I tried, and I didn’t stop playing! The teacher commended me for that. But I think Earl tried to kill me on the bus in payment for torturing him with my  terrible playing. I almost fell off with him today!!

     Geometry is geometry. Math and I still don’t like each other. I still don’t have the fuzziest feelings for English either. The book we are reading, The Scarlet Letter, isn’t really my cup of tea. But at least I was able to get some of my obscene amount of homework done during lunch!

     And back to the responsibility thing… I should be working on geometry homework right now. I just got a little distracted by the announcement I found via Twitter about the new book being released by none other then Demi Lovato! Totally the best part of my Monday 🙂

     Now, I need to stop being irresponsible, especially because I have a paper on responsibility due in a few weeks!

Stay strong and fearless,



     So, I think I’m starting to get used to the “routine” of school. I mean, the past few days have felt pretty normal. That’s good though, right? I want it to feel less like playing a part and more like real life.

     Guess what? Kristen has friends 🙂 The two fellow Hunter Hayes fans in my guitar class and I are starting to become friends. This is pretty exciting stuff for me 🙂  I mean, I have more than just Earl (my guitar) on A Days now. This totally beats sitting and reading. (#nerdprobz)

     Second period geometry could not be more boring. Still, we are doing the most simple of things. Oh, so, yesterday was our school’s college colors day. Like a good Huntington native, I wore a Marshall University shirt. My geometry teacher, however, was wearing WVU. Marshall and WVU are, for those of you who were unaware, arch rivals in the world of college football. I almost couldn’t concentrate. But I was chill. Leave the rivalry for the gridiron, right?

     Next, I had my least favorite class, English. I really just find that class boring. I’ve already studied 99% of what we cover, so I’m too uninspired to really get into what we’re learning. Today had the blessing of two consecutive tests. I’m hoping I did better than I think 🙂 During a time of silent working, I sneezed. The football player who sits beside me turned directly to me and, in a booming voice, exclaimed, “GOD BLESS YOU!” I replied with a simple thank you and try not to burst out laughing 🙂

     Last period was World Music, and our teacher is still out. So, we watched (drum roll please!) High School Musical 3! I’ll admit, I still love that movie 🙂 But this time watching it, I couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast between East High and real public high school. Disney does not give as realistic a depiction as I once believed.

     So, yes, my life is pretty much falling into a routine again. I still hope God decides to shake it up every once in a while. Getting comfortable where you are, I’ve learned, isn’t always the best thing, because that’s the moment when everything changes. I still want crazy, after all.

Stay strong and fearless,


I Want Crazy

“Well, I don’t want good and I don’t want good enough… I don’t want easy, I want crazy.”

– “I Want Crazy” by Hunter Hayes


     The only way to describe today was with one of my recent favorite songs, “I Want Crazy” by country artist Hunter Hayes. I’ve realized in my life that nothing is ever normal. My life and I have never been what’s classified as “average.” This I sometimes resent, but for today I am thankful.

     It’s no secret I’m generally a rather shy and awkward person who gets myself into messes it generally takes a miracle to get myself out of. This morning, as my sister and I were standing in the commons area waiting for the bell to ring, I realized, being the huge dummy that I am, I had forgotten my lunch. My very caring sister gave me her apple, and I planned to fill up with my HUGE water bottle. That was my plan for this surely less-than-fantastic day.

     First period was guitar. Earl (my guitar) and I headed down the too long a walk to the band room, only to discover that the teacher is still out with his wife who just had a baby last week. The class had a sub for a sub, so there were no lesson plans, and we were set loose to do what we could with our guitars. You know what I can do with my guitar? Nothing.

     So, I shut Earl back in his case and pulled out my English book to study for my vocabulary test. Alone and quiet again. Great fun. After a while, I headed to the bathroom for just a second and a reality check. Looking in the mirror, I took a deep breath and remembered the decision I’d made this weekend: I wanted to trust God completely in everything and desire only Him, even if it was crazy (“I don’t want easy, I want crazy,” I had prayed, knowing that things of God don’t often make sense or are simple). I went back out, finished my studying, and pulled out my notebook.

     Hiding within the pages of my notebook is a habit I have long entertained. I love to write; it’s the reason I’m taking guitar in the first place. I want to be able to put music to songs I write (Swiftie much?). So, I was just writing away, and eventually I finished and put my pen down for a second.  “Are you writing songs?” one of the girls sitting near me asked.

       “Well, yeah,” I replied quietly. She, her friend, and I discussed writing for a few minutes before the girl asked if she could see one of my songs. I hesitantly turned my page to a completed one and handed it to her. As she read, her friend was playing a Hunter Hayes song from her iPod. I commented that I loved Hunter, and we talked about him.

     Handing my notebook back to me, the other girl asked if I sang the songs I wrote. I told her not really, and that was why I was learning guitar. “I want to hear you sing,” she said. I eventually complied, softly singing part of Hunter’s “I Want Crazy.”

     “Let’s all sing it!” the friend with the iPod said, playing the song. So, the three of us sat in a circle, quietly singing Hunter Hayes songs while everyone else who could actually play guitar was in their own world. A few of the guys laughed at us, but we didn’t care. It was pretty fun 🙂

     After guitar was geometry. We are learning basic constructions, and I do mean basic. This was literally pre-algebra stuff for me, and this is supposed to be the honors class. So, I have little homework that shouldn’t take me long. Let me tell you, I much prefer this geometry to the Algebra II I had last year. I cannot graph for my life.

     Third period I had English and that vocabulary test I’d been studying for. I could have kicked myself when it was over because one question I thought I didn’t have the right answer to I actually had known. Haha pains of those who care too much 🙂 But the rest of English was review about gerunds, again. I answered one question right aloud, and the football player beside me cheered for me again. He makes class interesting…

     Then was my lunchtime dilemma. I had no food and no friends. However, as I came to realize today, God loves me enough to have everything under control. Remember what I said earlier about things of God not making sense? Well, so, during geometry there was an announcement about something called “Girl Talk” that would be held in a classroom during lunch. There would be food, so I went.

     It turned out to be a Youth for Christ led weekly girls’ Bible study. I think I may continue going. Funny how God used something as irritating as forgetting my lunch (and having no money to purchase one 🙂 ) to answer one of my hardest and longest prayers of the summer- to somehow find Him in public school. And I think I may have 🙂

      By the end of the day, I was so ready to just grab Earl and get on that bus. Laying with my head against his case and my iPod playing Hunter Hayes into my ears, I had one of those “how different my life is now” moments. Yeah, it’s not easy, and it’s been crazy, but with God leading, how could it not be incredible?

     So, in life, never settle for good enough or even good. Seek God first and look for the crazy. The things that make sense and are safe aren’t from Him, it’s the crazy, just- trust-Me-with-your-life, faith alone kinds of things that make life worth living. I don’t know about you, but I sure want crazy.

     “Are you with me baby? Let’s be crazy!”

Stay strong and fearless,