Rain Rain Rain

Rain…. that’s the only word to describe the past week of my life! That’s why my internet hasn’t been working all week. That’s why I’ve come home soaking wet every day. That’s why my poor, poor Vans are always so wet and why my geometry workbook is still damp. That’s why I’m so glad I have waterproof mascara.

Monday was the most “Monday” Monday possible. It started with that crazy Algebra 1 EOC I had to take for no other reason then a law (I didn’t have the EOC the state law requires at the school where I took Algebra 1). Everyone knows just how much I love math, too. I mean, it’s, like, my very best friend. Who doesn’t love an algebra test first thing in the morning?

The rest of that day was alright until last period when I was supposed to walk to the elementary school across the street for interning. Of course, it was raining cats and dogs!! Kristen apparently didn’t get the memo that if it’s pouring the rain like that, we don’t have to walk over there. So, I arrived soaking wet. The kids in the class I work in laughed at me 🙂 One asked me if I would run through the rain again for a million dollars.

Yesterday it starting raining the very second I walked in the door of my house! That was a close one!! But, that day had been MUCH better than Monday, considering I passed my guitar proficiency test!! I’d been soo worried about it. As we were waiting for our turns to play for the teacher, my friends and I were helping each other with the progression we were being tested on. When my turn came, they called out, “Remember, have confidence!” So I sat down with my guitar in front of the teacher and said, “Let’s do this!” He laughed, and then I started. And I aced it 🙂

Today was our monthly early release day (for teacher work day). First and second periods we hardly did anything. Then for third period chemistry, we tie-dyed shirts. Mine is, of course, pink and purple! It took everything in me not to laugh while listening to our lab partners determine how to make one’s shirt look like a color wheel. That was after I accidentally blasted our entire group with water when I turned on the sink to wet my shirt. “Grace” is practically my middle name!

I had interning last period today. All was well as I walked over in the dry, hot air. But as soon as it was time to leave, the clouds let their entire store of rain go at once! My teacher gave me some garbage bags to use as a poncho. Once I had walked back over to the high school in the rain, it stopped. Typical.

Right now I am so glad to be home, dry, and getting caught up on social networking! Hopefully no storms tomorrow when I have to carry my guitar for a block!

Stay strong and fearless,


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