Writing This With the Freetime I Found Last Period…

I am sitting in the library currently (or as we call it, the “media center”). Why? Simply because  my standardized test tutoring (that I don’t really need) ended early, and to got to the elementary school for a mere fifteen minutes would be a waste. Also, it is raining outside (typical!), so I needed somewhere on campus to be. A nerd’s solution to every problem- the library! 🙂 I went ahead and finished my homework, and thankfully the school hasn’t blocked access to wordpress. So, here I am a-blogging!

Hello? How are you? I am rather bored. The most interesting thing currently is Homecoming Week. Monday was ‘camoflauge day.’ I, however, was unable to participate in the dressup, because I own no camo, which is pretty sad for someone who grew up in the Appalachians. Lots of other people participated, though, and some of their get-up has been pretty wacky! I saw everything from camo Crocs to camo dresses to camo overalls. Today was ‘sports day.’ Just like I did for college colors day, I borrowed my mom’s Marshall football shirt (and again, my geometry teacher wore her WVU shirt-yikes!).

There are no games for Homecoming Week like there were during private school Spirit Week. Of course, that was a full-on crazy competition…. Ahh, memories. We are collecting food for a local food bank, though, and elections are being held for Homecoming Royalty. There’s even a category for teachers. Last night was Thunder Night and the powderpuff game. I didn’t go because I had Bible study, but I heard that the dodgeball game (replaced the girls playing football because of the rain) was awesome and the guys were absolutely hilarious as cheerleaders. I”l have to look it up on Youtube later 🙂

Another difference between private and public schools I was made aware of this week is the the fact that we don’t have to bring back our progress reports or report cards. In private school, they required us to get them signed by our parents and return them. My teacher’s response when I tried to turn mine in was something to the extent of, “You’re used to private school. You don’t have to bring them back here. By this age, it’s not our responsibility if you lie to your parents.” I found this non-requirement almost shocking…

Oh, our regular bus driver is back, so no more fear of being kidnapped! And also on the bright side, I have no homework tonight! YES!!!  Also of minor interest- my church is starting an afterschool Wednesday Bible study tomorrow, so I get to drag Earl (my guitar) and his big, heavy case all the way down to the middle school and onto the church bus and into the youth house and then into my mom’s car…. By this time next year, I will be a master of manuvering large and cumbersome objects through tight spaces.Yes, because that’s a handy skill that everyone should have…

So while I was sitting here typing away, a class came into the media center to use the computers. I had already made the mistake of sitting in the back row. A rowdy, rambunctious group of guys came barreling my way, roughhousing. One’s elbow collided with my shoulder. It was not very pleasant.  He didn’t even notice an innocent bystander had been hit. 😛 Oh well. I’m okay.

So, yep, bored. I could probably do something more useful with this time…. Nah. Blogging is way more fun 🙂

Hopefully I can finish publishing this post without further injury!

Stay strong and fearless,


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