A Little Different

“If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.”

-Taylor Swift

I tend to dance to the beat of a different drum when it comes to life, mostly in subtle ways. I’m okay with feeling different from the people around me, whether it’s my Vans versus their Keds, my paying attention in class versus their sleeping, or the words I say versus theirs. Differences are one of the main things I have noticed since my switch to public school.

One of those “differences” led to a bit of frustration today. I was trying to find an article for chemistry class. Simple, right? Well, if you’re looking for any old article, it is. I, however, had to go through, like, five articles (that I accidentally printed before reading) before I found one that did not support evolutionary beliefs. Thankfully, I was able to find an article that didn’t counter my faith before the bell. Protecting what are the most important things to you can be difficult, especially when someone is waving a water bottle in your face and telling you just how badly they need to visit the bathroom while you’re trying to do it (and I don’t even really know him).

This had me thinking, though, about the way Christians are supposed to be visibly different form the rest of the world. A fellow Christian in my Spanish class was once explaining to another student that he brings his Bible in his backpack everyday simply because he can. Hearing that made me think, “And why shouldn’t we?” So, I have started carrying my Bible in my backpack because I can. It’s just one of the ways I can remind myself that we are to be “in this world and not of it”.

I think that “different” is something we should actually strive to be. I try to do this by working with integrity, not just giving up or copying someone else’s answers (which I actually see people doing way too often!). I pray before I eat. I dress in a way that is respectable. I follow the rules.  It’s simple, and I wonder why more people my age don’t try. I find” staying away from what is evil and clinging to what is good” to be freeing, actually. 

So, I say that being “different” is a good thing. Why would I change for anyone?

Stay strong and fearless,


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