Second Time Around

I think that things are always better or easier the second time around. I realized just yesterday, I believe it was, that we are already halfway through third quarter. That means that second semester is already a quarter of the way over. Already, second semester has been so much better than first semester! I think I am more adjusted to the whole “public school” thing now. I mean, it’s less alien and more… life. It’s like, this is my life. I have surprised myself by how content I am with my life. This is only my second year living in this state, and the second year has been so much better (applause).

Everything gets better the second time around. I’m currently reading The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater for the second time, and I am enjoying it more now than I did in December, because now that I’m over the shock of the plot twists, I can really feel the characters (and I just love these characters 🙂 ). I had this guitar test last week, and I was so utterly terrible the first day we played the song we would be tested over. But the second time we did it, when we had the test, I did moderately well, really so much better. I had a test in geometry, too, and I didn’t do as well as I hoped to, so I have resolved to do better the next time. I did the same thing with the SATs: I will do better the second time. I am doing a semester of public school for the second time, and it’s better. I’ll go through a second year of it next year, and it will be even better. It’s all better the second time around.

I believe that things are better the second time around because we learn from our mistakes. You never really get a true “do over,” but you can always get a second chance. Life is about living, learning, and letting go. Because after a few times around, all the hard things will be old hat, and we’ll be pros. 🙂

Stay strong and fearless,


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