Today was something alright… First of all, just letting you know I am the world’s worst guitar player in history. Granted, it is only my second time actually holding the thing, but still, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t be worse. I think the main problem is that my hands are small and and my dear Earl (my guitar) is rather large. We started doing the most basic notes in class today, and I am struggling to keep my stupid pinkie on the fretboard. But I know, I know, I’ll get better with practice and not everything’s going to come easily. Still, it was quite frustrating for nine in the morning….

Speaking of the morning, I’m pretty sure I almost fell off the bus backwards this morning when I was trying to shove Earl up that very narrow set of stairs to get in the bus. I’m terrified that one day I am just going to fall and him land right on top of me. We are almost the same size, after all.

Second period, geometry, my favorite class in the universe! (Yeah right). At least it’s pretty easy so far. I’m still allergic to math, though. We’re not friends, nor have we ever been.

Third period was English. In this class, I sit beside a football player. Last class, he was super hyper and talkative, which I thought was just because he was excited for the game that night. But, no, I found out today he must just be like that all the time. The funny part is he doesn’t talk to other students, he talks to the teacher, who is also rather easily distracted. After I answered a question right out loud, the football player entertained himself for an entire minute by singing me a victory song, along the lines of “You go girl, go shawty,” or something to that extent.

Halfway through English is lunch (yes, the dumbest schedule move ever, why not just have B lunch after third period??). I do not like A day lunch because I am without my best friend, my sister. So, like a typical A day, I sat at a table alone and unpacked my PB&J. Soon, though, a senior girl who’d been talking to one of her friends about how her other friends were mad at her sat in front of me. She asked my name and then told her friend, “See? I’m even meeting new people!” They continued to go on about her lunchtime drama for 20 minutes straight. After finishing my lunch, I went out to the commons (the main hall) and away from the awkward situation.

However, another awkward situation awaited me in the commons. I sat down on the steps to read my book for the remainder of lunch. A few minutes later, someone was sitting beside me. He scooted closer and moved away again. I glared up at him, and he left. It had been one of the same freshman boys who had on Friday decided to irritate me. His cohort then came over to me and said, “I’m sorry, my friend is stupid.” I responded without really thinking, “I can see that.” He then continued in mock concern, “Are you okay? You’re all alone.” I was like, “I’m fine; I’m reading my book.” And I walked away to find a peaceful place to read.

I think he must think I’m a freshman, too, and he probably only wants my attention. Naturally, the only time people really notice me me is when very immature freshman think I’m one of their own kind. It was very very irritating in the moment, but as I walked away I laughed to myself. It felt like the whole “my life is a bad made-for-TV-movie” thing all over again. It sure didn’t help my hunch that everyone thinks I’m a freshman, though.

Do you remember Quinn from “Zoey 101”? I think that’s what I look like with my glasses. She looked younger than the rest of them, because she was short, too. She was also awkward and individualistic. So many times today I thought I am Quinn. Well, she was also the smart one of the bunch, so maybe a comparison isn’t all that bad 🙂

In last period, World Music, we FINALLY didn’t listen to Michael Jackson!!! We actually cracked open the book and went over the first chapter. But for the last half hour of class we did nothing. So, I did my reading for English ( The Scarlet Letter, which I have already read and disliked). Finally, the bell rang, I grabbed Earl from the closet, and I dragged my stuff out to the bus. I was very pleased to find that the bus ride is the perfect length to listen to the entire Heffron Drive EP 🙂

So tonight I have homework, of course. Wish me luck as I embark on a journey into the worlds of my two least favorite subjects!! At least it can only go up from here, and if all else fails, tomorrow is a brand new day full of awkwardness and new adventures!

Stay strong and fearless,