I certainly did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. It’s Monday, after all. But today certainly went smoother than all of last week combined!! I am glad  to be home though!

     I actually made it to Spanish on time this morning. I was sooo relieved. We started actual work today. We’re “reviewing” from Spanish 1. However, for me it is more like “relearning”! I barely speak a word of Spanish. I had the class freshman year, and even then I was pretty bad at it. I have about ten pages of homework. Google translate shall be my new best friend 🙂

     I only consulted my map once today, on the way to geometry. Yes, we did more gluing today, but it’ actually because those goofy composition books are supposed to be “interactive notebooks.” Okay…

     Lunch was my favorite part of the day because I had crunchy peanut butter on my sandwich. I love crunchy peanut butter. Finding we have it in the cabinet is like hearing “I love you” without words.

     Chemistry was something else today. We had a test and then did an “experiment” about paper airplanes and the scientific method. My plane, of course, flew behind the shelves repeatedly.

     Last period interning was pretty nice. I’m really liking working in the fifth grade class. I like that they’re not little-little but still young. I’m generally not very good with kids 🙂

     I’m so glad Monday only comes once a week!! It can only go up from here, right? And now, nine more pages of Spanish homework await me!

Stay strong and fearless,


Like A Movie

     Have you ever ridden the Jungle Safari Bus at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom? I did this summer, and that is what I would compare the bus ride home to. There are lots of sharp turns and dirt roads. And mud! All that’s missing is a few elephants 🙂

     This whole experience of going to a new school and everything kind of feels like a movie to me. Maybe it’s because being in a big school with a bunch of people is something I’ve only seen in movies before. I know it’s normal to most people, and by the end of the year, it will feel like old hat. But for now, it’s hard to believe this is my life. It’s so different that it’s crazy.

     I almost feel like I’m playing a character, too. I sure think I must look like one, always carrying around my colorful coded map and looking freaked out by the bell. You see, I wear my glasses to school (just got them last year), and so it doesn’t feel like myself because I’m not used to them. The guitar, too, doesn’t quite feel like me yet. Actually, it feels like carrying around another me!

     Maybe it also feels like a movie to me because I expected it to play out like one. Or even to be like a television show. I’ve been told I should try to make the most of high school and go for the whole “Saved By the Bell” experience. I want that, but  I’ve had to realize movies about this sort of thing are pretty far-fetched from reality. But hopefully, I’ll find “happily ever after” soon enough 🙂

     Today was probably the best day I’ve had so far at school. I have started to kind of make friends with some girls in my Spanish class first period. Then, I got to be with my sister for geometry, lunch, and chemistry. And then last period was “interning,” which is basically like TA for any other school. I was assigned to a fifth grade class at the elementary school across the street. It was a kid’s birthday and so…


     Totally made my day! 🙂 That, and I carried my RED Taylor Swift bag as a backpack. It’s a lot less heavy than my other backpack was! It’s good to keep it light, because we don’t get lockers “for security reasons.” I’ll let you fill in the blanks there…

     So, all in all, pretty good day. Things are looking up in KristenWorld, and surely it can only get better from here. And, best of all, tomorrow is Friday!!



Stay strong and fearless,