The Rainy Season

     It started out a typical Tuesday, with the sun pounding its 90 degree rays down onto the hot bus. But by the end, the sun had hidden behind the rain clouds who like to visit almost every evening in the summertime. I guess they wanted one more go.

     First period on B days always has me worried I’m going to get lost on the way because of what happened the first time I tried to find the classroom ( see “Started With A Security Escort…”). But I was actually able to find it on time, and be the first one in the class. Remember the 10 pages of Spanish homework I had? Turns out I thought wrong. We had time to work on it in class, but I of course had it all finished. So, I turned it in and read my book. What fun!

     Second period geometry was as good as a math class can be, I guess. I mean, it’s still pretty easy so far. After the lecture, we were working on a sheet of drawing figures following geometric instructions. I, having seen plenty like this before, finished rather quickly. The freshmen and sophomores around me were amazed. “I think I’ve found my new best friend,” one of them joked. 🙂 After finishing, I helped a few other kids with understanding the worksheet and then started my homework.

     Lunch was good. Of course, getting to eat with the world’s most awesome twin sister is way better than any day you eat by yourself (my yesterday). It passed quickly and, thankfully, uneventfully.

     Next came chemistry. I hate that class simply because the chairs are so stinking uncomfortable. They’re these awkward metal stools with small backs. So, being short, I can’t even put my legs on the ground. I keep thinking that I could just stand up and no one would notice 🙂

     Last period I had interning. I walked across the street to the elementary school and was directed to the classroom my teacher’s class was visiting. She had me run back to the office for something, and, naturally, I got lost along the way. This is typical for the girl who got lost in Washington, DC, her freshman year.

     After the kids finished their activity, it was time for them to go home, and my teacher had a meeting. So, I was alone for about 40 minutes with a few stacks of papers to grade. I listened to my iPod while I worked 🙂

     The entire time I was at the elementary school, it was raining so hard. I was just praying that it would stop before I had to walk all the way back. Once I was finished with my work, I tromped back to campus with only a light drizzle. But, without a hall pass, I couldn’t really just stand inside the school, and I was early, so I just kinda waited under a canopy and listened to some songs about rain. Thankfully I’d worn a shirt with a hood 🙂

     As soon as the final bell rang, I ran to the bus and the dryness it offered me. On the way home, I again listened to every single Taylor Swift song about rain. 🙂

     So, I’m really hoping tomorrow isn’t so rainy, considering I get to drag Earl through that weather to and from the bus stop. I’d better go. I’ve got an episode of “Twisted” to watch and a pair of Vans to dry.

 Stay strong and fearless,