Quiet Please

“So your confidence is quiet
To them quiet looks like weakness
But you don’t have to fight it
‘Cause you’re strong enough to win without a war…”

-“Invisible” by Hunter Hayes


All I want for this Friday night is a nice, quiet night in after this loud week. And I’ve got Hunter Hayes’s new song on replay, too. Once again, that boy has written a song like he’s written it for me. Meaningful lyrics, smooth vocals, lots of acoustic guitar… This is the kind of music I enjoy.

You know what kind of music I don’t enjoy? Pitch Perfect.

In case you’re not quite sure what Pitch Perfect is (which I really wish I didn’t know), it’s a really popular but really overrated musical. I generally enjoy musicals, but that one just runs on gross humor. We finished watching it in world music class yesterday because we had a substitute (again!), but afterwards came the highlight of my day: WE WATCHED CAMP ROCK! That is basically my favorite movie of all time, and I had wanted to watch it in the morning during guitar class, which we also had a sub for. However, my friend was very adamant about her desire to watch The Lion King. Her choice won by an overwhelming popular vote.

Pitch Perfect wasn’t the only loud annoyance of my week. We had a substitute in English last week. The instructions left by the teacher were simple- read this story and be ready for the test next class. Well, next class came. After showing us a video about the author whose work we’re reading, my teacher said, “Okay, guys, we need to talk.” Those words, of course, strike a note of fear in  the heart of each and every teenager. And with good reason this time! The sub had left him notes: 1st period- only class who actually did their work, received 10 bonus points on the test; 2nd period- you don’t want to be them…; and, finally, 3rd period- only about four girls were actually doing the assignment. The rest of us were chatting and playing “Flappy Birds” and showing off the new phone speakers we got for our birthday. We were rewarded with the once-in-a-lifetime chance to take the test without the notes some of us had worked very hard on AND write a 150 word essay on the story (and Stephen Crane is not an easy author!). I was so elated that I almost ran out of time to finish my essay. I’ll never understand why some people just have to be loud at the most inappropriate of times.

You know what else can be loud? People’s opinions. Someone left a very mean note in my friend’s backpack this week, calling her things like “mean” and “ugly” and something about a monster. But I loved her reaction. She goes, “I am not ugly! I have beautiful nails and the world’s softest hands!!” She then reported the note to the front office, and they are taking care of the problem for her. I just love the way she handled it, though, like it didn’t even bother her. She knew nothing in the note was true, and so she refused to believe it. That’s the kind of confidence I admire. 🙂

I don’t know about you, but I definitely prefer quiet over loud any day. Especially after today, when I’m not feeling so hot after failing at donating blood. Kristen, how can one possibly fail at donating blood?! Oh, but you don’t know me. I can make anything go awry. I filled out all the paperwork, got approved, and I even had the needle in my arm, everything according to protocol. But then, my arm decided to stop bleeding. The nurses on the Red Bus (the school’s Interact Club was running a blood drive this week, BTW) couldn’t fix it, so they took it out, told me I wouldn’t get any results back because the donation had been no good, gave me juice, and sent me on my way. I felt fine, just a little tired afterwards. I came home and lay down. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.

And now, for a quiet, restful weekend. And like the song I quoted at the beginning, I believe that  quietness is strength. This quiet night will help me regain the strength I lost to the screwed-up blood drive needle.

Stay strong and fearless,


My New Friend

     “I’ve been a lot of lonely places, I’ve never been on the outside.”

                -“The Outside” by Taylor Swift



     That quote played in my head today. Being in a new school, you don’t have many friends at first. This realization hit me yesterday. You don’t just walk in and automatically have new best friends the very first few days. It takes time. It’s hard, but it takes time. I think I’m going to check out some clubs when sign-ups start in a few weeks.

     But, I do have one new friend! We rode the bus together and had first period together. His name is Earl. Earl is my guitar 🙂 This was the first day he came to school with me. I got to carry him a block to the bus stop and onto the bus. We only got stuck coming off the bus, stalling everyone else. He’s very heavy. I had to then take him all the way across campus through like three buildings to get to the classroom. In class, we really only learned how to hold the guitar, and the rest was just kind of… awkwardly quiet. But I think it will get better. I’ll learn how to actually play soon, and then I’ll have a real hobby!!

     After guitar was geometry. I finally got the whole A day lunch thing sorted out- I don’t leave halfway through geometry and miss my study hall, but I have English right after. Then halfway through English is lunch. We didn’t do any more gluing today in geometry, but we’re learning how to draw these things called nets. It seems pretty easy to me, considering it’s the kind of thing I tried to draw as a kid so I could make paper boxes ( don’t ask me why, but I found it fascinating).

     English is probably the most… interesting class. When I first met the teacher during open house, I expected he would be like Mr. Feeny from “Boy Meets World,” my all-time favorite ’90’s show. However, he turned out to be more like a young man in an old man’s body. He loves puns. Today he also made blonde jokes and Chuck Norris jokes. He also loves youtube videos (he said today, “I love youtube. It lectures for me so I don’t have to work.). But before we watched the William Bradford videos, he showed the Geico commercial about the camel on “hump day.” He promised we’d see it probably every Wednesday 🙂

      By last period, I was so ready to go home. At the end, when I was getting Earl out of the band room closet, the teacher almost shut the door on me accidentally. After school, I got to lug Earl and my heavy backpack (which has my very thick geometry book in it today) back onto the bus in the rain and then the block home. It was an adventure… I’m currently sitting with my piggy massage pillow behind my back 🙂

      There will be good days, and there will be bad days. But in the end, looking back, I’ll remember the good more. Hopefully I’ll find everything I’m looking for soon enough. For now, one day at a time…

Stay strong and fearless,