Misadventures in Irresponsibility

     This weekend was Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family. I have been into this sort of thing since I read the books last winter. So, naturally, I spent my weekend watching Harry Potter movies, balancing that time with reading the new book I got. This, my friends, is how the dorks of this world procrastinate.

     So, 7:30 last night, I finally decided to start studying for the two tests I had today. Then I went to bed and fell asleep quickly. I had a nightmare about English class where I got in trouble for knocking out all the lights by popping a balloon. I bolted upright in bed and remembered the vocabulary assignment I had forgotten to do. So, at 4:30 AM, I was using dictionary.com to finish my homework. I was just thanking God I had remembered!! 🙂

     Two hours later, I got to wake up to the sound of Big Time Rush screaming “GET UP! GET UP! GET GET GET UP!!” (yes, they do have a song that starts like that 🙂 ), thanks to the alarm my sister had set. I much preferred it to the usual screech of the other alarm, but it still didn’t keep me from muttering, “Shut up, Logan,” in reference to the loudest member of the band on that part of the song (also happens to be my least favorite member).

     I pulled it together enough to get myself and Earl the guitar onto the bus in one piece. In guitar class, we are actually starting to learn things because our teacher is back.  I am, naturally, still the world’s worst guitar player. I barely had the D chord down before we started playing the entire progression as a class. But at least I tried, and I didn’t stop playing! The teacher commended me for that. But I think Earl tried to kill me on the bus in payment for torturing him with my  terrible playing. I almost fell off with him today!!

     Geometry is geometry. Math and I still don’t like each other. I still don’t have the fuzziest feelings for English either. The book we are reading, The Scarlet Letter, isn’t really my cup of tea. But at least I was able to get some of my obscene amount of homework done during lunch!

     And back to the responsibility thing… I should be working on geometry homework right now. I just got a little distracted by the announcement I found via Twitter about the new book being released by none other then Demi Lovato! Totally the best part of my Monday 🙂

     Now, I need to stop being irresponsible, especially because I have a paper on responsibility due in a few weeks!

Stay strong and fearless,