All Over Again

     Phew… What  a crazy, crazy week last week was! Now, it’s Monday morning, and time to do it all over again…

     Last week was Homecoming Week, like Spirit Week, but without the crazy games and competitions I experienced during private school Spirit Weeks. Ah, memories… Anyways, it was a week of dress-up days leading up to the Homecoming Game on Friday. Monday was Camo Day, and Tuesday was Sports Day. Wednesday, students wore pink and faculty wore black. I spent the day wondering how many people actually caught the reference to the quote from the movie “Mean Girls”: “On Wednesdays, we wear pink!”

     Thursday was Hippie Day. My sister had researched hippies online to make sure our costumes looked “authentic”. We had tie dye shirts and vests and leather jewelry and head wraps… The whole nine yards. Not too many people dressed up for Hippie Day, but it was still fun!! During our wait at the bus stop, I listened to Big Time Rush’s covers of several Beatles songs (recorded for a movie) with my iPod to get me in a ’60s mood.

     Friday was Spirit Day. I, unfortunately, own no dragons gear. So, I wore green, one of the school colors. The only green shirt I have is an old camp tshirt. I’ve sure got school spirit!

     Friday was probably the craziest day in a while! First period, I dragged stupid Earl (my guitar, not a person!) all the way to the band room at the end of the school, only to be told we didn’t need our guitars that day and to be handed a hall pass directing me to the computer lab on the opposite end of school (classic). I groaned, knowing instantly it was for a stupid computer practice test again. I went and got it over with. We did nothing the rest of the period. Second period was the Homecoming Parade! My personal favorite float depicted a dragon (our mascot) making an eagle (the team we played against) into KFC. There were also floats depicted an eagle roast and eagle noodle soup. 🙂

     The pep rally was last period. It was nuts! Each grade level had a class skit. Two of four involved guys dressed as girls and twerking (in case you don’t know what that means, it’s a very stupid kind of dancing). In three of four of the periods I was in Friday, people twerked, often for no reason. I just find it very strange and… awkward.

     But Friday ended on a high note when we fried the eagles and won our Homecoming Game! It was awesome, considering we rarely win and only scored twice (our school’s better at swimming and soccer!). It was definitely a game worth going to!

     Yet Friday was nothing compared to Wednesday. Afterschool, our church was starting up a youth Bible study. They were sending the bus to pick up kids from the Christian middle school downtown and from the middle and high school in the middle school parking lot. My sister and I had no idea where that was, so we kept following people we were sure were headed there. We ended up somewhere in the middle of town. We planned to go to the Christian school to see if we could still catch the bus. Thankfully, we saw the bus and were able to flag it down. They’d been looking for us 🙂

     We made it to Bible study in one picee. I was exhausted, considering I’d lugged Earl halfway through town! Hopefully, we can make it to the right place this week!

     I’m about to do the crazy week thing all over again. This time it isn’t Homecoming Week, but it promises to be a super busy week! My family and I are trying out karate classes this week, and we have a 4H meeting tomorrow, and Bible study tonight and Wednesday…. And a geometry test today and two English tests and a guitar test tomorrow… Maybe I can breathe on Friday!

     Well, here’s to Monday! Wish me luck as I do this crazy thing called the school week all over again!

Stay strong and fearless,




     So, I think I’m starting to get used to the “routine” of school. I mean, the past few days have felt pretty normal. That’s good though, right? I want it to feel less like playing a part and more like real life.

     Guess what? Kristen has friends 🙂 The two fellow Hunter Hayes fans in my guitar class and I are starting to become friends. This is pretty exciting stuff for me 🙂  I mean, I have more than just Earl (my guitar) on A Days now. This totally beats sitting and reading. (#nerdprobz)

     Second period geometry could not be more boring. Still, we are doing the most simple of things. Oh, so, yesterday was our school’s college colors day. Like a good Huntington native, I wore a Marshall University shirt. My geometry teacher, however, was wearing WVU. Marshall and WVU are, for those of you who were unaware, arch rivals in the world of college football. I almost couldn’t concentrate. But I was chill. Leave the rivalry for the gridiron, right?

     Next, I had my least favorite class, English. I really just find that class boring. I’ve already studied 99% of what we cover, so I’m too uninspired to really get into what we’re learning. Today had the blessing of two consecutive tests. I’m hoping I did better than I think 🙂 During a time of silent working, I sneezed. The football player who sits beside me turned directly to me and, in a booming voice, exclaimed, “GOD BLESS YOU!” I replied with a simple thank you and try not to burst out laughing 🙂

     Last period was World Music, and our teacher is still out. So, we watched (drum roll please!) High School Musical 3! I’ll admit, I still love that movie 🙂 But this time watching it, I couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast between East High and real public high school. Disney does not give as realistic a depiction as I once believed.

     So, yes, my life is pretty much falling into a routine again. I still hope God decides to shake it up every once in a while. Getting comfortable where you are, I’ve learned, isn’t always the best thing, because that’s the moment when everything changes. I still want crazy, after all.

Stay strong and fearless,