Come In With the Rain

     I ran the block home from the bus stop in the rain, singing songs about rain. Now, you must understand, the rain here isn’t like rain anywhere else in the world. It storms out of the blue for 20 minutes, and then it’s sunny again. But of course, the mini-storms are always when you need to be outside. So, soaking wet, I was finally home, and very glad of it. 🙂

     I decided to spend my rainy afternoon baking cookies. Not just any cookies, but white chocolate chip macademia nut cookies, my absolute favorite food in almost all the world. I was very excited to discover we had some ready to bake dough in the fridge!! The storm finally stopped, but it still feels like a nice “lazy afternoon” kind of day. I’ll probably do one of my favorite things to do- curl up with a mug of hot green tea and my favorite blanket. Hey, maybe I’ll even remember to study for my two tests tomorrow 😉

     Today was an average Thursday but with an added frustration. I headed to third period chemistry just absolutely dreading my least favorite class. But, today, we were going to do a fun lab with M&M’s! But of course, this was the time they decided to call me in for my Algebra 1 EOC practice test. You see,  I took Algebra 1 at a school in a different state, and we just didn’t have this special end-of-course exam there. But according to the laws of this state, you have to take that test. So two years late, my sister and I get to make it up (first thing Monday morning. yay…). Anyways, the “practice test” was basically making sure we knew how to work a computer, which, quite obviously, I do.

     Once we finally got back to class, my sister and I caught up on the activity we were doing with the help of our lab partners. I believe I’ve mentioned them before… (They remind me of exactly the kind of people you’d expect in an honors chemistry class in a movie, making it a bit difficult to concentrate and not laugh sometimes 🙂 ). After we finished the activity, my sister and I sat and talked, much like the rest of the class was doing, except our lab partners. The two of them had a deck of cards and were playing a game that took up half the table. It took everything in me not to laugh. 🙂

     I am so glad to be home. I have little homework (none other than studying), and this wonderful thing called a weekend ahead of me. Just one more day! Hopefully it won’t storm tomorrow when I have to carry Earl, too!

Stay strong and fearless,